What Anime is Umaru Chan From?

what anime is umaru chan from

If you’ve ever wondered what anime is Umaru-chan from, this article is for you. Here, you’ll discover the storyline, characters, and comparisons of the two shows. Also, you’ll find out which ones are better! We’ll look at the anime based on the manga, and which one is better for the entire family. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Himouto! Umaru-Chan

In Himouto! Umaru-Chan, Taihei is a feisty teenager who lives with his brother. He works long hours at the bakery, and sometimes complains about how much work his mother does for him. Then, he falls ill, and his brother worries that he won’t be able to finish the job. He starts worrying about his health, and Taihei ends up being sick as well.

The main character of Himouto! Umaru-chan is a high school girl named Umaru Doma. She’s an excellent student, but when she’s at home, she’s a lazily-laid-off otaku. She spends her time playing video games and eating junk food. She uses her alternate personality to make friends and win the affection of her brothers. She also throws tantrums when Taihei fails to buy her something.

This anime has several spin-offs, but the series is best known for its comedy. Himouto Umaru-chan S takes place in an alternate universe and is the first of the series. It is followed by Akita Imokko! Ebina-chan, which revolves around Umaru’s childhood friend Ebina. Another spin-off, Himouto! Umaru-Chan G, is currently in the character sheet.

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a funny, charming and wacky anime series based on the manga of the same name. This anime is also available in English. The first volume of the manga is complete. Besides being a great read, the anime series is also available in English. You can even watch it on Netflix or on Crunchyroll! There’s a manga for children!

Aside from the main plot, the series also features an interesting concept: an ‘enchanted’ videogame. Umaru is trapped in a virtual reality and his brother is his ‘doppelganger replacement love interest’. In reality, he wouldn’t leave his house. He even steals bubble bath from his sister, and they end up spending hours together. Then there’s the video game!

Umaru is a pretty and intelligent high school student. But despite her beauty and smartness, she’s a slob! She plays video games all night long and binges on junk food and cola. Her big brother Taihei is the one who can change her! You can’t blame him for trying! If you like this manga, you’ll love Himouto! Umaru-Chan!


Himouto! Umaru-chan is a manga series and an anime series that revolves around a high school girl named Umaru Chan. She is a highly ambitious overachiever who transforms into a chibi every time the front door closes. Despite her hard work, Umaru is a lazy otaku who loves video games and junk food. Despite her hard work, she is a typical teenager with a wild imagination.

Umaru is a brat and a midget compared to her chibi counterpart, and is prone to acting like a child in her uninhibited form. She pouts in an air of menacing disapproval and has a soft side. Her older brother, Taihei, has a crush on her because of her kindness and her tendency to shake her body. While Taihei is a pushover and is prone to being self-critical, Umaru takes pride in being self-indulgent and has a huge imagination.

The characters of Umaru Chan share a lot of common traits. Her name is a combination of the words “himono-onna” and “imouto,” which mean “lazy-bum sister.” Despite her chibi form, she is a very sweet and kind girl, and her personality is very relatable to younger viewers. She is also prone to crying when things don’t go her way.

Umaru Doma is a high school student who lives with her older brother Taihei. Although she is generally an excellent student, she quickly turns into a childish layabout at home, spending most of her time playing video games. Taihei has a hard time keeping up with her, but Umaru manages to make friends. Other notable characters in the series are Kirie Motoba, who glares at people and Sylphynford Tachibana, a competitive school student and Taihei’s little sister.

As far as characters go, Umara is perhaps the most charming and endearing of the group. She is an adorable otaku, and the anime is a hilarious tribute to the brother-sister dynamic. The anime’s minimalistic style allows the characters to breathe while still maintaining a logical flow of plot and character. Its vignettes and character art also emphasize the characters’ expressions.


The anime Himouto! Umaru Chan follows Umaru Doma, who appears to be an ideal student at school but is a hopeless otaku at home. While at school, Umaru possesses the perfect body and is always in top form, but at home, she becomes lazy, fat, and a hopeless otaku. Fortunately, she has a close family, including a younger brother named Taihei, who is also an excellent role model.

Umaru’s relationship with his older brother, Taihei, is similar to that of a spoiled child and a rich parent. Although Taihei works long hours and has a successful career, Umaru doesn’t know his parents and lives with him in his apartment. His little sister complex makes him a fun character, and many of us will relate to him. In the end, though, Taihei and Umaru resolve to fix their differences and make their relationship work for them.

The series is based on the lives of two high school students, Taihei and Umaru. It revolves around their relationship and how they view each other and their situations. Taihei is narrated by his older brother, Umaru is the main character. Taihei’s sister has a dual persona, which he tries to expose. Both characters have very strong personalities, and the plots are interesting and compelling.

While Taihei tries to protect Umaru from his parents, he also focuses on improving his relationship with his brother. Umaru and Taihei have a love-hate relationship. This is a typical occurrence in the manga series. Although the two have a deep relationship, their relationship with each other is far more complicated than we initially realize. Ultimately, Umaru’s relationship with Taihei will make their relationship stronger than ever.

The protagonist, Umaru, is a perfectionist who presents herself as a bright and well-mannered student at school. However, at home, she turns into a cynical otaku who neglects chores and devolves her time to video games and anime. When Umaru isn’t at school, she hangs out with her friends Nana Ebina and Kirie Motoba and competes with Sylphiford Tachibana in sports.

Anime comparisons

The wacky humor of Umaru Chan’s manga has often been compared to that of Pokemon, and there are certainly some similarities between the two. While Umaru used to be a complete nerd and complete user before, he’s now a mature character who wants to improve himself and make a change for the better. In addition to his self-indulgence, the manga features some surprisingly relatable nerd-rodent tendencies and is filled with shameless adventures. Anime comparisons of Umaru Chan’s manga show that the characters are very much human, which makes the writing very engrossing.

One of the most notable differences between Umaru Chan and her sister is the way she pleading with her brother. Although she’s normally polite, Umaru often breaks down and starts crying in front of Taihei. When she’s in public, she throws loud tantrums. Umaru is also often portrayed as a young sister and her brother are quite similar in some ways.

Although the main characters are similar, Himouto! Umaru-chan has its own unique characteristics. Like its predecessor, it is a light slice-of-life manga, with elements of comedy and fantasy. It also features a large group of friends and features a hardworking adult caring for a child at home. As a result, anime comparisons of Umaru Chan are inevitable.

Moreover, the show also features a lot of character development. While Umaru’s anime counterpart has a largely chibi-scaled version, she is still a perfectly good person. Her friendship with the two classmates, Taihei and Ebina, is one of the strongest features of the manga. While Umaru does not have any major turning point in her life, she has some major moments where she finds herself questioning her own actions.

Umaru-chan is a slice of life comedy, and is full of adorable characters. It revolves around Umaru Doma, a high school girl who is not all that she seems to be in her home. She is intelligent and beautiful, but she’s also the laziest slob in Japan. She lives with her brother Taihei (played by Kenji Nojima), who spends his precious time playing video games and reading manga.