The Characters of Naruto the Third Hokage

the third hokage

Hiruzen Sarutobi is the son of Sasuke Sarutobi. He was partially trained by the Second Hokage and also trained Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. As a result, he was selected as the Third Hokage over his rival Danzo. Although both men had their own reasons for being chosen as the Third Hokage, Hiruzen chose to disband the group he created with Danzo.

Hiruzen Sarutobi

In the manga and anime, Hiruzen is a strong believer in the Will of Fire, which states that all the people of Konoha are one family, and that the Hokage has a duty to look out for their well-being. In many ways, Hiruzen has lived up to this philosophy by being available to the village villagers in times of need, and by making decisions that will benefit as many people as possible. Despite his philosophies, Hiruzen’s father had a reputation as soft and not very firm.

The story of Hiruzen Sarutobi’s rise to power in Naruto begins when his father, Hashirama Senju, is killed in the First Great Ninja War. His successor, Tobirama Senju, took up the reins and tried to stabilize the village. During this time, he also had to fight the Gold and Silver Brothers. Tobirama Senju later dies and Hiruzen Sarutobi becomes the third Hokage.

Hiruzen was an excellent shinobi, capable of using all five of the basic nature transformations. He also countered Tobi’s elemental attack. He was particularly proficient in Fuinjutsu and Barrier Ninjutsu, as well as Shadow Clone Technique. Although he didn’t have the most powerful Jutsu, he was still able to master many techniques, including the use of shadow clones.

Hiruzen Sarutobi was a natural prodigy when it came to Ninjutsu. He had mastered every technique used in Konoha’s history. As a ninja, Hiruzen was known as “The Professor” because of his Ninjutsu versatility. He was also known for developing numerous new techniques for his personal use. His advanced knowledge of all Konoha techniques allowed him to deduce its mechanics from the hand signs.


Naruto, the newest member of the ninja clan, was sent by Kushina to live with the Third Hokage. Although the Third Hokage did not take Naruto in as his own son, he did provide him with enough means to make it by himself. But he did not provide any guidance as to how to make use of these means. As a result, Naruto grew up with a secret ANBU guard, and he was constantly bullied by those around him.

The Third Hokage wears grey shinobi battle armour in the First Shinobi World War. This armour covers his entire body, so he is very protective. Later, however, he begins wearing more light combat attire. He wears a black jumpsuit with mesh segments covering his lower limbs. His head and shoulders are covered with a bandanna-like forehead protector.

Lmao was the only Hokage who had a longer reign than any of the other two. As such, he led the village for 80 percent of its lifespan, which he deserved. As a result, he faced many challenges that other Hokages did not. Even the God of Shinobi Hashirama was surprised that Konoha survived. In the end, his actions were beneficial for the village.


Among the many characters of Naruto the third Hokage, Chocho Akimichi is a popular character. Born to Choji and Hinata Hyuga, she shares the fighting style of her father’s clan. Chocho has a confidence that may have come from her mother. In fact, she has a temper like her late grandmother. She accidentally knocked out Naruto before he was sworn in as Hokage, and this triggered a phobia in her father, Kurama.

Although Hiruzen was considered the ‘God of Shinobi’ and the Third Hokage of Konoha, he was not as powerful as his brother Hashirama. The latter was more powerful than his brother, but the former could easily outsmart him. In terms of power, Hiruzen was one of the strongest, but his brother Minato was faster. Hiruzen’s influence was a major part of the development of the Naruto saga.

In the English-language version of the anime, Jugo is voiced by Matthew Mercer. Originally, the role was voiced by Troy Baker, but Mercer has stepped in since Episode 230. Baker also reprises the role in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

In the manga, Naruto met Kabuto, who had been a member of the spy organization Root. When he encountered the woman who raised him, Orochimaru revealed his plan to him. After Kabuto agreed, the two became friends and the latter eventually joined the Anbu as Tenzo. The second half of Naruto the third hokage manga focuses on the lives of his three brothers.

After the Fourth Great Ninja War, Onoki developed the Akuta defense force. After receiving the remains of White Zetsu, he perfected the Akuta process. As a result, he created the Fabrications, such as his partial clone son Ku. He also assisted Boruto in stopping the Fabrications. Despite his frailty, Onoki is a proud person, despite his past. In the anime, he acknowledges hiring some members of the Akatsuki.


In the manga, Asuma is the son of the Third Hokage. In the manga, Asuma sided with the loyalists and defeated the opposing side in Leaf’s homeland, the Land of Fire. However, in the anime, Asuma is often seen throwing his hands instead of using his traditional Shinobi fighting style. However, this is not entirely true. His method of fighting is very different than that of traditional Shinobi.

The Third Hokage felt a headache coming up as he watched Asuma. The babysitter caught him while he was trying to flee. The babysitter heard the same sentence again, and Asuma grew increasingly frustrated. He knew that the elite would never dare say anything that might be controversial. This was one of the reasons why he reacted as he did. Assuma did not want to offend anyone, and he was also very concerned about his son.

Asuma was a highly skilled Jonin shinobi, and was part of the Guardian Shinobi Twelve, a group of ninja that protected the Feudal Lord. His role in the Invasion of the Hidden Leaf was so valuable that the Land of Fire entrusted him with 35,000,000 ryo. During the battle, Asuma killed nine Hidden Sound ninja, and his companion, Shikamaru, helped him. In the end, Asuma proved to be as strong as Hidan and he established his military prowess.

Shikamaru Nara, Asuma’s favorite student, was also close to the boy, and they would regularly play shogi together. When Shikamaru reached adulthood, Asuma prefers to take him on missions, and he passed on his ideology to him. Assuma’s ideology also included the idea that the next generation is the “King” of Konoha, so he asks Shikamaru to guard the ‘king’.

Minato Namikaze

A keen-minded man, Minato was the youngest ninja to observe the trail of Kushina’s katana, the tailed beast. His innate skill enabled him to deduce the basic mechanics of any technique, even after seeing it just once. With this ability, he could plan his attacks and strike his opponent’s weaknesses at the most suitable moments.

In the manga and anime series, Minato Namikaze is a character who often appears in the protagonist of Naruto. Throughout the manga, he is the third hokage, the strongest of all the seven sages. His powerful weapons are katana, and he can transform into any of them. He can even merge with his own nature. The manga has many other illustrations of his work.

During his early life, he was raised in the village of Konohagakure as the fourth son of the Third Hokage. He studied ninja techniques with Kushina Uzumaki, his mother’s great-uncle. He was the chief disciple of Kushina Uzumaki. The fourth Hokage was his great-uncle. This made him an important part of the ninja world.

Although his career as a shinobi was brief, he did contribute greatly to the history of the ninja world. He was instrumental in the end of the Third Shinobi World War. He was one of the most powerful ninja in history. His actions led to the destruction of thousands of ninjas and his enemies. In return, he won a peace treaty with his enemies.

As the 3rd Hokage, Minato had many powers. He developed unique techniques to protect his village and protect his family. The strongest of these techniques made him a force of nature in the shinobi world. The third Hokage stepped aside when Jiraya wanted to take over. Although he had the ability to protect his village and the village, he had no shadow Hokage.