Why Naruto Dies in Boruto

naruto dies in boruto

This article will cover some theories as to why Naruto dies in Boruto. It will also discuss the various ways in which the manga and anime foreshadow this fateful event. We’ll cover the way that Hinata’s death is foreshadowed, as well as how Kurama deceives Naruto and how Boruto’s parents die protecting him.

Sasuke does not die in Boruto

The series’ climactic battle with Isshiki shows that Sasuke has lost his Rinnegan, which is a magical sword. The Rinnegan loses its power after Momoshiki captures Boruto’s consciousness. In addition, the stab in Boruto’s eye causes him to lose the ability to use the Rinnegan. This means that Sasuke doesn’t die in Boruto. Moreover, Sasuke never knows that Boruto is escaping the dimension and will need to use his Rinnegan, which is now useless.

In the manga, Sasuke’s death has a lasting impact on the series. Though both Naruto and Boruto were affected by Sasuke’s death, it was still a blow for the characters. This is because a ninja should grow stronger after a traumatic event. Moreover, the death of a beloved shinobi can make the character stronger.

In the manga, Sasuke is one of the strongest Uchiha Clan members and he helped defeat Obito and Kaguya. In Boruto, however, he is a minor character, with only a limited amount of screen time. However, he has made every moment count. And his role as the strongest Uchiha member has also been emphasized in the anime.

In the manga, there is a scene in which Sasuke stabs the vanishing spirit of Momoshiki. This scene shows that the vanishing spirit of Momoshiki is possessed by a rin-yaku (deities) and attacks the Rinnegan of Sasuke. Boruto is not able to fight back since his Kama is linked with the celestial Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

Naruto’s death is foreshadowed

As the sequel to the beloved manga and anime series Naruto, Boruto has been foreshadowed to include Naruto’s death. The Momoshiki had prophesied that Boruto would die, and it was implied that his loved ones would be in danger. As Hokage of the village, Naruto has no choice but to engage in fights in order to protect the village.

In the manga, Naruto’s death is foretold in the third episode, “Masuke’s Sacrifice.” In the final battle against the Ten-Tails, Naruto has to sacrifice Kawaki or Boruto. The two of them must eat chakra fruit to complete the mission. The death of Naruto and his friends is a foreshadowing of the events that will follow.

In the manga, Naruto’s orange-yellow glow is replaced by the bold red color of Kurama’s fur. Kurama’s tails protrude from Naruto’s back, and his face begins to take on traits of the Nine-Tails. The Uzumaki’s logo, which is based on Kurama’s tails spinning off, also features his tails, which represent the fusion of Naruto and Kurama. Naruto’s whisker markings turn black, and his eyes lose their yellow tint.

Another example of how Naruto’s death is foretold in Boruto is when Boruto asks his sensei, Jiraiya. Naruto is desperate to impress his father, but he doesn’t know how to go about it. But when Sasuke dies, Naruto becomes a better ninja.

Kurama deceives Naruto

When Naruto dies in Boruto, it is the most shocking plot twist of the series to date. Fans are still mourning the death of their hero, and have been wondering how Kurama’s death will affect Naruto’s power. While many of the characters in the series suffer from varying degrees of death, Kurama’s deception reaches a whole new level.

The character of Kurama has been deceived many times, and fans feared that his death would cause a devastating effect on the world. The character has been separated from his partner several times, once during the Great Ninja War, to protect Madara and Obito. Ultimately, Kurama died due to excessive use of his chakra. Then, Kurama had to sacrifice himself in order to save Naruto. However, the story is more complicated than this.

In the episode, Kurama deceives Naruto by telling him that the cost of using Baryon Mode was his life. Kurama warns Naruto to be careful with his newfound powers, and after hearing that, he disappears from his subconscious. However, Naruto does not die in Boruto because Kurama deceives him – he simply becomes the victim of Kurama’s deception and is killed.

It was in this episode that the character first met his parents, and they both wanted to become Hokage like Naruto. Kurama was implanted by Minato in his mind by the former Hokage, and was the first Tailed Beast to appear in the Naruto series. It was the same day of his death as the episode where he met his parents. This episode also features a mysterious character, named Konohamaru.

Hinata dies while protecting Boruto

When the village of Konoha is attacked, Hinata is present. Her job is to protect Boruto. Hinata is also the owner of the Byakugan found in Boruto’s right eye. While she and Naruto are training together, Hinata is also worried about Sarada’s well-being. She talks to Ino about this, and encourages her to stay strong. Hinata also attends a memorial service for the Fourth Shinobi World War and carries a portrait of Neji.

Although she was a beloved character in Naruto, Hinata was also killed in Boruto. Many fans believed that Hinata would die. This was due to the fact that many fans assumed that she was the Byakugan, the demon who killed her. However, this theory was later debunked as the series progressed. In reality, Hinata died while protecting Boruto, but was not killed by him. Instead, her death triggered Boruto’s emotional reactions.

Although Hinata died while protecting Boruto, she never really gave up on her beloved son. In fact, she had even decided to believe in him and was ready to help him fight Kawaki, but ultimately, she died while protecting Boruto. While it’s heartbreaking to lose a beloved character, the pain is still worth it. Hinata’s death will allow Boruto to fulfill his destiny and become the Hokage.

A retold version of the original manga, Boruto: Naruto the Movie and the anime series feature the story of his life. Both films feature the characters Naruto meets along the way, such as Sasuke Uchiha, Mitsuki, and Sarada. In the video games, Naruto also appears in a number of different ways. If you haven’t seen the Boruto manga series, you are missing out!

Hinata’s death is a turning point in Naruto’s life

The Hyuga Affair, which took place at the beginning of the story, is one of the most memorable moments in Boruto. The incident was a kidnapping, and Hinata seemed to blame herself for it. Though she was only three years old, she always felt at risk because she was the eldest daughter of the noble Hyuga clan. Her death was also a turning point in Naruto’s life in Boruto, as her bloodline has always put her in harm’s way.

The events surrounding Hinata’s death are also important. Although not all characters in the series survive, the shinobi system forces children into life-threatening situations to train them. Likewise, not every hero makes it out alive. Thus, it is imperative that the character he is training is able to separate his feelings from his actions. Likewise, Boruto’s death is a turning point in his life in Boruto, since it will make him stronger and more determined to exact revenge on his enemies.

Hinata is the most important character in Boruto. She is his mother, and she was a former heiress of the Hyuga clan. Her death is a turning point in Naruto’s life in Boruto because it forces Naruto to choose a different path, and makes him realize that he cannot go back and be the same person he used to be.

Another turning point in Naruto’s life is the death of his mentor, Neji. While he was once an enemy of Naruto, the two grew to become close friends. However, Neji was injured when Obito summoned his Ten Tails. Ten Tails began shooting wooden arrows, and while Naruto shielded himself with his sister, the wooden arrows impaled him.