How to Draw a Hippo Easy Step by Step

how to draw a hippo easy step by step

To draw a hippo, start with a large oval and end on its right side. Do not include the belly. For the head and the body, make the outline of the hippo’s symmetrical quadrilaterals at the bottom of the snout and above the cheek. Then draw the eyes and their curved pupil. Then, add the rest of the details like the curved shape of the tongue and the snout.

Next, make a circle for the hippo’s head. Its rounded face will have two ears and a larger nostril. The snout will have a long line extending from the bottom. Its mouth will be wide and smiley. The right cheek should be extra long and the left eye should be round. Once you have completed the outline, color it in.

Next, draw the hippo’s body. It should have a broad arc and a steep nose. Then, draw a small rounded line for the hippo’s face. Using a pencil, add a curved line for the head. Then, add a head and tail. Finally, draw the curved lines for the face. After you’ve completed the drawing, you can add some details, such as the ears, nose, teeth, and mouth.

The hippo’s body should be outlined with curved lines. The body should connect the two curved lines on the bottom and the feet. The head and the eyes should be shaped like a rounded “M” shape. Once you’ve completed all of the important details, you can move onto the legs and the body. Once you’ve finished the arms and legs, you’re ready to paint the hippo’s mouth and ears.

Once you have completed the head and the body outline, you can continue by adding the legs and the tail. In addition, you can also use curved lines for the ears and the nose, and you can add the ears and the mouth. You’ll also want to add a rounded line for the hippo’s eyelids and the neck. Once you’ve completed these steps, the hippo can be painted in any color.

The body of the hippo should be outlined with a semi-oval. The snout is made by extending the curved line of the head to create a smiling mouth. Afterwards, you should also draw the eyes and the nose. At this point, you should finish the hippo’s face with the eyes and mouth. The snout should be the same color as the body.

Once you’ve finished constructing the body outline, you’ll need to add the legs, tail, and ear. Then, you’ll need to draw the hippo’s eyes, which are small circles that have pupils. Likewise, the hippo’s ear should be rounded, and the snout should look heavy. Then, you can continue to draw the rest of the snout.

The head of a hippo should have a rounded head with two small ears on either side. Then, you’ll need to add the ears, tail, and legs, and the snout line should extend behind the head. The snout line should connect to the curved line at the back. Then, you’ll draw the hippo’s snout and body.

To create the hippo’s head, you should start with a rounded oval. Then, add the nose, eyes, and mouth, and finish with a snout and tail. You can use a different shading method for the other parts of the hippo’s body. You can also try to incorporate the hippo’s snout into the body.

After you have completed the head and neck, you can continue to draw the rest of the hippo. The head should be rounded and flat. The hippo’s eyes should be in the middle of the head. The body should be round. Creating the body and head of a lion requires the use of a thick curved line. The limbs should be outlined to form a triangle. The limbs and back of the hippo’s torso are the body.